Viking GE105

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Product Information

Dual purpose machines for fine results. Finely shredded material is created by the GE 105 electric shredder, which can chip branches and shred soft material such as leaves or plant trimmings. Powerful motor and a Multi-Cut blade system efficiently achieve these tasks. Two feed apertures are available for either branches or soft shredding material and blockage-free ejection ensures an efficient operation. Versatility: achieve optimal shredding of branches with side shoots or twigs by using the cloverleaf opening; soft organic waste should be fed in via the wide rectangular opening. Multi-Cut 103: The blade unit of the Multi-Cut 103 chips branch material using the chipping blade and thoroughly shreds soft greenery, with the wing blade and side profile teeth.

Garden shredders for chipping and shredding, VIKING’s powerful garden shredders effectively process everything that the garden produces in the way of natural raw materials such as tree, hedge or lawn cuttings. Hard branch material is chipped while soft organic waste and leaves are shredded. This forms the best basis for the creation of valuable compost and mulching material to help the garden really flourish.

* Multi-Cut blade system: disc with three side profile teeth, reversible chipping blade, wing blade and aluminium counter-cutter which holds the branch for cutting

* Safety locking provided by electromechanical lock using two rotary switches

* Wide chassis for a high level of stability. Large handle and wheels for easy transport.

* Powerful 2.2 kW electric motor protected by overload protection device

* Emergency-off switch, integral zero-voltage trip switch prevents automatic restarting following a power failure