Bertolini btr 450


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Designed to satisfy the needs of professional users, this model stands out for its manageability, strength and high load capacity. The BTR 450 transporter is fitted with safety devices that enable it to handle slopes of up to 40° when unladen. It is also fitted with a power take-off for the attachment of accessories.

  • Petrol engine with recoil start.
  • Four-speed transmission (3 forward 1 reverse) with oil-immersed gears, a guarantee of reliability.
  • Belt clutch with automatic disengagement when the control lever is released.
  • Independent PTO at 2100 rpm.
  • Steering with independently controlled releases and brakes.
  • Protected, expandable brakes, guaranteeing total protection from dust and dirt, with automatic cut-in when the clutch is released.
  • Small steering radius to move around easily even in tight spaces.
  • Telescoping loading platform for transporting even the most bulky loads.
  • 50° dump angle, manually operated.
  • Maximum slope with full load: 20° (without load: 40°).
  • Engine     Honda     Starting     recoil
  • Transmission     with gears in oil bath     Gearbox     4-speed (3 forward 1 reverse)
  • Speed (km/h)     1st: 1.88 – 2nd: 4.13 – 3rd: 7.0 – 1st R: 1.86