Echo ESR-2300L battery brushcutter


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ECHO’s ESR-2300L is a battery powered grass trimmer offering quiet running making it ideal for domestic and light professional use in residential areas. Fitted as standard with an efficient dual nylon line Tap & Go trimmer head.


ESR-2300L Battery Brushcutter

ECHO pioneered the development of the petrol-powered brushcutter over fifty years ago, which makes the ESR-2300L a departure of sorts. This is because the ESR-2300L is a battery powered grass trimmer, much quieter and cleaner running than any petrol machine, but also benefitting from ECHO’s refined engineering, thus guaranteeing outstanding cutting performance. It features a high grade, 36V Li-ion battery, and is ideal for both homeowners and lighter commercial work, especially since the 230 watt electric motor at the heart of the ESR-2300L is quiet enough to allow you to work in built up residential areas without any fear of disturbing the neighbours.

Not only does this allow you to start working earlier or end later than you could with a petrol machine, the ESR-2300L’s battery powered system is also cleaner running and better for the environment than any fuel burning machine, providing a fume-free working experience. Moreover, by eliminating the need to stop and refuel, ECHO has made this impressive grass trimmer cheaper to run and easier to service than a traditional petrol brushcutter, providing even greater convenience for the user.

Thankfully, this reduction in noise, pollution and running costs does not come at the expense of performance. The ESR-2300L’s dual nylon line cutting head, for example, combines the precision required for tidying edges and borders with a 305mm cutting width to enable quick and efficient clearance of larger patches of long grass and weeds. This exceptional versatility is perfectly complemented by handy ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement, allowing you to set the cutting line to an ideal working length by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground. A sturdy cutting shield, meanwhile, deflects grass clippings and other debris thrown up during operation, offering added safety and comfort during use.

Furthermore, in addition to all of this the ESR-2300L also features an ergonomic design to help ensure that it is always comfortable and easy to use. A lightweight and compact build, for example, improves handling significantly, while the inclusion of a comfortable loop-style handle offers a working position which improves efficiency and prevents strain over extended periods of use. Finally, with the addition of a five year domestic warranty as standard, you can use the ESR-2300L confident in the knowledge that it has been built to last.



• Featuring a clean and quiet running 230 watt electric motor, perfect for use in residential areas where noisier petrol equipment would cause a disturbance

• Powered by an easy-fit, long-lasting 36V lithium-ion battery for reliable and user friendly performance

• Dual nylon line cutting head offers superb precision and an efficient ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system; simply tap the cutting head against the ground to advance the cutting line

• Protective cutting shield deflects grass clippings and other debris thrown up during operation, offering added user safety and superb comfort

• A lightweight and perfectly balanced design, weighing just 3.5kg (without battery), ensures that the ESR-2300 is easy to handle, transport and store

• Ergonomically designed loop handle provides added comfort, superb control and an optimal working position to prevent strain during extended periods of use

• All ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year commercial warranty for added peace of mind and a longer service life