Echo HC-165ES Hedge trimmer


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The HC-156 is a powerful commercial grade hedgetrimmer featuring an EasyStart system and effective vibration-isolating technology to help ensure complete convenience and a satisfying user experience.

HC-156 Petrol Hedgetrimmer

ECHO has been a leading Japanese manufacturer of commercial quality outdoor power equipment for more than thirty years, over which time the company has developed an enviable reputation for quality. For a prime example of this pre-eminence we need look no further than the HC-156, a professional quality hedgetrimmer designed to make maintaining extensive hedgerows a pleasingly simple proposition.

Key to this is the HC-156’s laser cut, reciprocating double-blade. The precision and edge quality achieved with laser cutting is better than that of many traditional cutting methods, as the laser beam does not wear during the cutting process. This helps the HC-156’s blades to remain sharp over time and thus ensures lasting performance and a truly pristine finish, with an effective cutting length of 64cm meaning that even heavier workloads will seem effortless. A protective tip guard, meanwhile, works to further maintain sharpness and prevents damage to the blade.

Powered by a hardworking 21.2cc two-stroke petrol engine, the HC-156 boasts more than enough power to handle dense vegetation with ease. Ignition is controlled via a traditional recoil starter, with ECHO’s EasyStart system ensuring hassle-free starting every time. For even greater convenience, moreover, the HC-156 also features a high capacity 0.46 litre fuel tank designed with an easy-access upright opening to prevent spillages during refuelling, while a throttle lock-out mechanism boosts safety by preventing accidental throttle engagement.

Ergonomically designed front and rear handles and vibration-isolating technology, meanwhile, each offer added comfort and help reduce operator fatigue during extended periods of use. This makes using the HC-156 pleasingly simple and stress-free, with a three-stage heavy duty air filter also included to protect the engine and prevent power loss. Due to ECHO’s high build standards, you can also trust the HC-156 to be superbly reliable. However, if you’re not the trusting type then the fact that the HC-156 also comes with either a five year domestic warranty or a two year commercial warranty as standard should provide the added peace of mind required to convince you to invest in this fantastic machine.



• Featuring a powerful 21.2cc two-stroke petrol engine, built with a clever EasyStart system to ensure quick and hassle-free starting every time

• Fitted with a laser cut, reciprocating double-blade, offering an effective cutting length of 64cm and featuring a protective tip guard to ensure blades maintain their sharpness

• Ergonomically designed controls and vibration-isolating technology included for added comfort and reduced operator fatigue during extended periods of use

• Also featuring a high capacity 0.46 litre fuel tank, designed with an easy-access upright opening to facilitate efficient refuelling and prevent spillages

• Throttle lock-out helps to prevent accidental throttle engagement, thus ensuring user safety during use

• Supplied as standard with either a five year domestic warranty or a two year commercial warranty for added peace of mind and to ensure a longer service life