ECHO HC-2020/R Hedge trimmer


Fixed Handle (HC-2020)

Rotational Handle (HC-2020R)

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ECHO HC-2020/R Hedge Cutter

The ECHO HC-2020 & HC-2020R is a twin blade hedge cutter with a low emission 21.2cc, professional grade engine. Lightweight, and well balanced with a rotatable handle. It features laser cut double-edged Japanese cutter blades  for long lasting sharpness, and has an effective cutting length of 534mm.

Weighing just 4.9kg and features a 499mm double sided cutting blade. Lightweight robust and powerful.

The HC-2020R has 5-position rotating handle allows the operator to use the machine at different angles for comfortable operating in all positions.

The HC-2020 & HC-2020R are both an ideal ‘entry level’ machine, built to professional standards the HC-2020 & HC-2020R is a versatile general purpose hedge cutter for Homeowners and light-use professionals

Handle Option

HC-2020 (Fixed Handle), HC-2020R (Rotational Handle)