Echo SRM-2621TES/L Petrol Brushcutter


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Echo SRM-2621TES/L

The ECHO SRM-2621TES/L is a powerful but lightweight and easy-to-handle petrol brushcutter. It is a high-spec, high-performance tool that’s perfect for lighter-duty commercial use.

Key to its exceptional cutting-capability is its optimised gear-reduction ratio. This delivers a substantial 50% increase in the amount of torque that reaches the cutter-head, thereby enabling Echo to employ a lighter, smoother-running and more efficient engine with a smaller cylinder-displacement.

The engine itself is a 25.4cc two-stroke low-emission unit that develops a substantial 1.4hp which employs Echo’s effort-saving EasyStart recoil ignition-system.

Other engine features include a foam pre-filter and pleated-paper primary filter for superior component-protection; and tool-free filter-cover removal for hassle-free in-the-field maintenance.

The Echo SRM-2621TES/L Petrol Brushcutter is characterised by its low weight build and low vibration levels, a combination that works to keep operator-fatigue at bay for as long as it takes to get the job done.

Also important is the bump-feed line-head that incorporates extra-thick cutting-cord for the fast and efficient clearance of thick, well established grass and weeds (metal brush-blade optional).