Mountfield 1538M SD lawn tractor (Part-ex available)


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The Mountfield 1538M SD lawn tractor, offers the perfect solution for those who do not wish to collect grass clippings.

Powered by a single cylinder 352cc STIGA ST350 engine, The Mountfield 1538M SD has a manual transmission with 5 forward gears plus reverse. It is fitted with a 98cm/38″ working width Mulch cutter deck but, If grass growth is fast and mulching isn’t possible, simply discharge the clippings via the side discharge function. Easy!
Mulching grass is a great feature as it saves so much time and can be more than 30% quicker than conventional methods.
There is no stopping work involved to empty the collector, this also results in a significant fuel saving.

Mulching grass allows the clippings to be recycled, improving the soil as they decompose forming a natural fertiliser high in potash and nitrogen. You will notice a marked improvement in your grass as this fertiliser takes effect over the course of the cutting season.

Height of cut is easy to adjust with 7 settings from 25mm to 80mm.

Other quality features include electromagnetic blade engagement, tow bar, head lights and a wash facility on the deck.

The Mountfield 1538M SD is compact and easy to manoeuvre and will take up less space than a collecting tractor.

This is a great lawn tractor which is Suitable for areas of up to 2 acres.

These machines are among the best value tractors on the market and come with a five-year extended warranty.