STIGA Combi 2072 H (Part-ex available)


Product details and specs

Upgrade from your walk-behind and enjoy a faster work-rate and excellent handling with the smallest ride-on in the STIGA family, the Combi 2072 H!
Combining a deck-width of just 72cm with a lever-operated hydrostatic transmission that provides infinitely variable ground-speed control, the STIGA Combi 2072 H is a great choice for gardens where superior maneuverability and the ability to safely work around obstacles are essential.

Providing the power for this entry-level machine is a STIGA ST 400 Powered by STIGA single-cylinder engine that’s guaranteed to be a reliable, high-performance partner in the battle against untidy lawns.
It might be small, but the Combi 2072 H is nevertheless highly productive, with its capacious 170-litre grass bag keeping the number and frequency of time-consuming emptying-stops to a minimum (the bag can be emptied from the seat).

A STIGA Ergonomic steering wheel works with a STIGA Classic adjustable high-back seat to make it a delight to drive; while an LED dashboard display ensures you be able to keep track of all key operating parameters.

If you’d like to save even more time by avoiding collection, you can fit the included mulch-plug – instead of being bagged, clippings will then be reduced by the Multiclip blade to tiny particulates which are distributed across the turf. These will then quickly rot and vanish, leaving the lawn debris-free and naturally nourished.

Other important features include a seven-step adjustable cutting-height (30-80mm) for enhanced flexibility of use; and powerful headlights that will illuminate the cutting-path in poor light conditions.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.