Stihl SH86C-E blower/vac


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Very powerful vacuum shredder for clearing large areas. New Anti-vibration system fro smooth operation over extended periods, plus simplified starting system. Supplied with vacuum unit and both jet and round nozzles. With Ergostart

STIHL blowers and vacuum shredders are ideal for clearing fallen leaves, grass cuttings and general debris from large areas. They are a cost effective alternative to manual labour not only making the work easier, but also saving a great deal of time. Maximum comfort coupled with high performance is particularly characteristic of STIHL backpack blowers making them real leaders in their class. The professional backpack mistblowers from STIHL are designed for convenient and economical use in fruit and vegetable gardens, as well as orchards and vineyards.

* Round nozzle


* Manual fuel pump


* Catalytic converter – Considerably reduces the quantity of harmful particles on the exhaust gas.


* Fitting complete with blower tube


* Anti-vibration system


* Ergostart – Easy starting with less effort due to additional spring between the cranshaft and the rope rotor


* Flat nozzle

Power Petrol
Engine Capacity (cc) 27.2
Weight (kg) 5.7
Max air throughout (m3/h) 770
Catalytic converter Yes
Max Domestic Warranty (mth) 24