NEW Henchman Fully Adjustable PRO Tripod Ladder




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NEW Henchman Fully Adjustable PRO Tripod Ladder:

Features of the Henchman PRO ladder – our strongest and most versatile tripod ladder

Our renowned Professional Ladder, but better. With this PRO model, you get all of the benefits of our Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder but with even more adjustability and stability. Our heavy-duty PRO ladder is now even more robust, making it the reliable bit of kit needed to keep you safe and secure.

There’s even a second platform for when you need to work a little lower down, so you can carry out a variety of tasks using only your Henchman PRO Ladder. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or looking to take on some larger jobs at home, you can rely on Henchman to keep you safe.


Maximum adjustability with our professional ladder

Our PRO ladder makes it easier than ever to complete a number of tasks in one position. Each leg is independently adjustable to accommodate sloping, uneven terrain and steps, keeping you safe when working at height and minimising risk of injury. 20% more adjustability than our Fully Adjustable Tripod, at least 20% more than competitor ladders and up to double the adjustability on our best-selling 8ft model, you can safely tackle substantial slopes by adjusting the angle of your ladder to provide a strong, sturdy base for you to work from.

For that extra layer of security, the Henchman PRO Adjustable Ladder is secured with our hedge-proof locking pin. Designed to protect against branches or shrubbery interfering with the locking mechanism, simply twist and pull for fast lock-in, giving you strong and sturdy legs to stand on.

The locking pin in use on the PRO ladder


Dual platform to give platform height variability

All of our tripod ladders feature a built in platform, but our redesigned PRO ladder takes this another step further. The PRO model of our Henchman Professional Tripod Ladder has an extra platform rung, so you’re still safe and sound when you want to work a bit lower.

Whether you need to handle a variety of height jobs, or you just want to rest your chest against the guard rail to feel more stable, the Henchman PRO telescopic tripod ladder keeps you safe no matter your level.

Henchman ladder being used to prune a wall plant


Providing extra stability with wider feet

The feet on regular ladders are thin and curved, which makes them prone to sinking into soft ground and can cause them to topple. You don’t need to worry about this when using your Henchman PRO adjustable ladder. Already designed for a wobble-free experience, our feet are planted firmly in the ground.

The feet of our tripod ladders are purposefully designed for soft terrain. They are extra wide with a large surface area which spreads the load and prevents sinking, and their clawed design also minimises any slippage.

If you’re using your ladder indoors or on hard surfaces, simply fit the rubber overshoes that are supplied free of charge with every Henchman tripod ladder.

Wide ladder feet on Henchman tripods

A PRO tripod ladder designed for heavy use

Our tripod ladders are already strong and lightweight! But our Henchman PRO adjustable ladder is engineered with a thicker gauge of aluminium in key contact areas to increase durability, wear and tear resistance and frame rigidity.

The new rear leg catch holds the back leg securely in place, preventing it from swinging around whilst you’re carrying or transporting your ladder.

If you’re a business who uses your ladder frequently and transporting it from place to place, or a domestic customer who wants the strongest option available, this is the right professional tripod ladder for you.


Heights are with extendable legs retracted, based on a 6ft / 1.8m person, and will vary depending on user and tools.

Working Height
(Based on the user being 6ft / 1.8m)
Ladder Size Platform Height Hip Level Reaching Overhead Ladder Weight
6ft / 1.8m 3ft / 0.9m 6ft / 1.8m 10ft / 3.0m 9kg
8ft / 2.4m 5ft / 1.5m 8ft / 2.4m 12ft / 3.6m 11kg
10ft / 3m 7ft / 2.1m 10ft / 3m 14ft / 4.2m 13kg
12ft / 3.6m 9ft / 2.7m 12ft / 3.6m 16ft / 4.8m 15kg
14ft / 4.2m 11ft / 3.3m 14ft / 4.2m 18ft / 5.4m 19kg
16ft / 4.8m 13ft / 3.9m 16ft / 4.8m 20ft / 6.0m 22kg

All sizes provided are with the extendable legs fully retracted.

To avoid ordering the wrong sized ladder, it’s important you know exactly how high you need to reach before you order.

For example, if you’re using your ladder to trim hedges, we suggest picking one that’s more or less the same height as that hedge. Measuring the hedge height before you order will ensure you choose the right size.