ECHO SRM-237TES/L Brushcutter


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SRM-237TES/L Petrol Brushcutter

The SRM-237TES/L Brushcutter straddles this line neatly, offering cutting power and performance enough to tackle just about any grass cutting job, along with an ergonomic design which helps to ensure ease of operation even over longer periods of use.

Key to the outstanding results the SRM-237TES/L achieves is the design of the 21.2cc two-stroke petrol engine at its heart, with ECHO’s superb Power Boost Tornado technology™ offering more power, higher fuel efficiency and better engine lubrication while also reducing exhaust emissions and noise levels. This makes the SRM-237TES/L quieter and cleaner running than many comparable brushcutters, and thus also more pleasant to use, which can be particularly important when working in a larger garden. This is complemented by the inclusion of a handy Easy Start system which significantly reduces starter cord resistance, thus ensuring instant power and hassle-free starting time after time.

The SRM-237TES/L also offers enviable versatility when it comes to cutting, with a sturdy ‘Tap & Go’ dual nylon line cutting head supplied as standard. This system provides the precision required for tidying and trimming edges, borders and other areas of lawn which are hard to reach with a conventional lawnmower, but also the sheer cutting power needed to clear larger areas of long grass, weeds and nettles. The trimmer head’s semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement certainly helps in this regard, improving overall efficiency by allowing you to set the cutting line to an optimal working length by simply tapping the cutting head against the ground. Moreover, for even greater versatility the SRM-237TES/L can also be used with a tough metal grass blade (available separately), perfect for dealing with dense patches of brambles, thistles and scrub.

In order to help you keep safe and comfortable during operation, the SRM-236ESL also features a sturdy cutting guard which deflects grass cuttings, soil, stones and other debris thrown up while you work. Among the various other ergonomic features boasted by the SRM-237TES/L, a comfortable, vibration-dampening loop handle stands out for improving handling and offering an optimised working position, thus ensuring ease of use and boosting productivity. This, along with ECHO’s five year domestic warranty, should be enough to allow anyone to rest easy in the knowledge that the SRM-237TES/L is one of the most effective and reliable domestic brushcutters available on the market today.

All ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year commercial warranty for added peace of mind and a longer service life